Gwyneth - Gold and Lavender Leather Polygon

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Gwyneth - love her or hate her - she certainly stands out!

These polygon earrings with Beautiful Gold Metallic Leather and a Lavender finish are show-stoppers - just like you!

Named after the one and only Gwyneth, these earrings are what you wear when you put together your amazing blog, Goop or when you consciously uncouple from your rock star husband or when you go for a vaginal steaming (Too far?)

Let's face it, you can wear the Gwyneth earrings when you want to channel a bit of Gwynnie and go for gold! Do what you want and the world will sit up and take notice!

Made from metallic leather and acrylic backing with hypoallergenic steel posts. These stunners are made and designed in Australia by Beuy (pronounced Boi)