Jill - Raspberry Diamond Hoops

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Jill is about owning who you are and your special brand of magic!

You have to be confident and happy in your skin to wear Jill. She's not for the shy and retiring types.

Jill is a gorgeous raspberry colour and has a very directional and structural element look to them.

Wear with great posture, your highest heels and a big smile!


"Have you seen me perform? I am the Lady Jill Scott. I am a poet, and a singer, and a lot of other things. We all have our own thing - that's the magic - and everybody comes with their own sense of strength and their own queendom. Mine could never compare to hers , and hers could never compare to mine". Jill Scott


All items are produced with polymer clay and have been treated with polymer sealant.

Approx. 9cm x 6cm x 0.5cm

Kitsu is produced locally and ethically in Brunswick East, Melbourne. Kitsu is bold, playful and colourful.