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Jenna O'Brien

Sue - Sky Blue Enamel Hoops

Sue - Sky Blue Enamel Hoops

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Sue is the perfect sky blue earring. She's a classic design, flawless and the perfect accessory.

Maybe you don't wear sky blue (let's face it, not everyone can!) but everyone can wear a sky blue earring! 

Sue is fun, you might not think so, sky blue almost seems a bit goody too shoes, but Sue, when combined with the right outfit, she will make it all work and you won't even realise that it was Sue that made it magic!

These gorgeous handmade glass enameled organically shaped hoops in cool sky blue pastel enamel with handmade sterling silver hooks.

Sue is named after the best Grandmother of all time! Now, she could rock Sky blue... so much so that she even had a pair of sky blue tracksuit pants!


Jenna O'Brien is a Melbourne based jeweller who handcrafts colourful and engaging pieces. Handmade enamelled earring with handmade sterling silver hooks.

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