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Jenna O'Brien

Monte - Yellow Enamel Hoops

Monte - Yellow Enamel Hoops

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Monte is all about doing things your own way! There are rules and suggestions on how to live your life and then there is just working out what works best for you and doing that instead.

These gorgeous handmade glass enameled organically shaped hoops in a funky yellow enamel with handmade sterling silver hooks. Wear Monte when you want to do whatever you want!! 

Monte is named after Maria Montessori, the lady who created the Montessori method of teaching that allows children to move about freely, choose activities that they love doing and teach them independent and self sufficiency skills, helping many children to grow up strong and free.

Read more about Maria and other amazing women here.

Wearing Monte will tell the world that you're doing it your way!! 


Jenna O'Brien is a Melbourne based jeweller who handcrafts colourful and engaging pieces. Handmade enamelled earring with handmade sterling silver hooks.

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