Earring Rules...?

Earring Rules...?

Over on Instagram stories, I asked the question recently about earring rules. Whether people had earring rules for how they choose their pair of earrings.

I had posted an out fit for This Outfit, These Earrings on stories, where everyone gets to choose which earrings they think will go with the outfit. It's a lot of fun but people take it very seriously. 

I had posted the above outfit and I had then paired it with a pair of earrings that matched the bottom and one that matched the top so one pink and one green.

The amount of people that DM'ed saying that they would never match their earrings to the top so they just couldn't choose the green earrings because they needed to contrast with the top was quite incredible.

So from there, I asked the question about earring rules.

Do you have any? If so, what are they?

So, overwhelmingly one of the rules that people have is that you shouldn't wear the same colour earrings as the top.

I feel like that's fair in the case of block colours. If I'm wearing a plan red top, then wearing plain red earrings with it, I probably wouldn't do that but I might do a different shade of red, or a patterned earring with red in it. 

I've sharing these because you're more than likely an earring lover but rules are made to be broken so don't feel like you have to agree or follow any of these!

Other rules included;

If the outfit is plain, then you can add pattern in the earrings and vice versa. Choose one to be your point of focus and then compliment with the earrings.

Colour matching your earrings to another accessory like shoes, handbag, nails or belt is an idea that I love.

If the outfit is plain, add all the colour through earrings. Another idea that I can get behind.

Add colour when wearing stripes.

Don't mix metals if wearing silver in an outfit, don't wear gold earrings. I think you can mix metals sometimes but do agree with this.

Jeans and to - wear whatever you want!

And my favourite rule from one of the Wearrings crew was to wear whatever earrings would you bring you the most joy that day. Rules be damned!


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