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About Us

Hi there, my name is Yasmin and I am the Chief Earrings Officer of Wearrings.

I come from a big family and I am surrounded by brothers so it was a big deal me getting my ears pierced - something my brothers did not get!!

I got them pierced when I was 8 as this was the allowed age back then. Apparently I had been asking to get my ears pierced from about age 4. I knew what I wanted, even back then!

When I got them pierced, I got some gold studs which I find odd now that I would have chosen those as I’m not a huge gold fan. I also got silver sleepers which I preferred a whole lot more.

I did all the things and turned the studs dutifully and wore the sleepers to bed.

Of course they promptly got infected, even though I did all the right things.

Nevertheless I persisted.

My Mum tells me that I was so persistent, that I was keen to take the antiseptic spray to school with me, to make sure my ears healed as quickly as possible. My parents said No so instead the first thing that I did when I got home from school was apply the spray.

Eventually they healed and haven't been infected ever since. 

I can't really remember my first pair of earrings as such but there are definitely important earrings along the way.

I do remember being given gifts of earrings from family and friends between 16 and 18. Both gold strangely. I still have the gold hoops that I wear occasionally. The other ones I think I have one left.

I grew up in the country and I don’t remember there being a great deal of shops that sold earrings but I would come down to Melbourne often enough. Still though, I don’t remember any standout earrings.

After 18, I moved to Melbourne and my earrings journey really began…

I worked at Myer Melbourne, luckily not in the jewellery department but in the shoes department. Yes, I spent money on shoes but I could go down on my lunch breaks and look at all the earrings. From here, I remember important earrings.

I got a youth work job and met a lady called Mary. Mary also wore great earrings and I found out eventually that her cousin was an earrings maker. Eventually I met Estelle and bought so many earrings from her.

These, whilst dirty, were I think my first pair that I was totally in love with. I wore them often and would buy my clothes according to the colours in these earrings.

Eventually I worked for Estelle when she had a market stall at the Queen Vic Night Markets. I the end it was just trading really. Anything she paid me, I just bought more earrings from her. Watching people find earrings they love at the market, gave me such pleasure.

I know some people are shoes people, or bags people but I am definitely an earrings person. I have no hesitation to spend money on earrings in the same way that others spend on bags or shoes or rent.

I think you can have the plainest outfit on but when you’ve got a good pair of earrings on, it take the outfit to the next level.

Earrings people notice other earrings people.

I can remember a couple of earring compliments in particular. 

I was wearing quite a professional outfit for a video we were taking, which is not my look at all. I look like a kid dressed up in my mother’s clothes in corporate gear but I remember putting on a pair of earrings with the outfit and my friend said to me “You look like you when you have earrings on”

If a guy ever compliments my earrings, he goes straight into my heart and will always stay there. I can’t think that any guy has given me earrings before - maybe that’s a bit scary but when that happens, I’ll know he’s a keeper!!

Some friends and family have given me earrings as gifts and you can’t really go to far wrong. I remember each and every pair of earrings given to me as gifts. Always special.

In the past, I have done Lent like abstinence's from shopping, sometimes for 40 days sometimes trying not to shop for a few months or a year. Each time though, the exception has been earrings. I can do no shopping but that does NOT include earrings. What if i find the missing pair that completes my earring wardrobe and I can’t purchase them?? I could NOT have that...

I’ve tried lots of earring holders and I’ve made many trying to work out the perfect way but in the end, this is what works best for me. I have a couple of dishes by my bed and this contains all the current favourites and those in high rotation. After that I have a small box under that bedside table with those that have just come out of high rotation or are broken and need fixing and finally I have a big box under my bed containing all my past earring loves. I go through this often in case a pair come out of retirement.

So this is a bit about me, Yasmin, the Chief Earrings Officer at Wearrings.