Loving yourself sick!

Loving yourself sick!

There's always a lot of talk about loving ourselves.

It's true that sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We are tough on ourselves, we get annoyed and frustrated with ourselves because we compare ourselves with others and think we should be somewhere else.

But what happens when we are our own best friend?
When we cut ourselves some slack, knowing that we are doing our best within the circumstances. I know I say this a lot in terms of going easy on ourselves and that we are trying our best. I really do believe this.

If you wanted to perk up a friend or make them feel loved and supported, what would you do? Now, can you do that for yourself.

And so this week I offer you some practical suggestions on how to be kind to yourself.


A list of nice things to do for yourself...

Wear your favourite outfit or colour

Have a little sleep in

Go on a solo date and take yourself off to the movies 

Buy yourself a little treat (Like earrings... I know a place!)

Wear your favourite perfume

Buy yourself a book/go to the library and lie on the couch and get stuck in.
(I loved, loved, loved this book recently)

Have a bath 

Book in a massage, even a 20 min neck and shoulder massage.

Buy yourself your favourite food/chocolate/drink

Go buy a coffee and take yourself on a little no destination walk

Buy yourself some flowers.

Put on your favourite song and have a dance.

Get out in nature

Whilst I know some of these cost money, lots of them cost little to nothing. It's really about spending time reconnecting with yourself, away from screens and just hanging out with your own best self. 

When we think about loving, how often do we include ourselves in there?

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