Collection: Jenna O'Brien Earrings

Jenna O'Brien's earrings business started by accident. After graduating from RMIT in gold and Silversmithing, her intention was to open a retail/gallery space for emerging makers. On the weekends, she started making enamelled earrings and jewellery for friends and family and eventually the business grew from there.

Jenna's obsession with jewels started young.  "When I was 5 or 6 years old, I would cut out the earrings from jewellery catalogues and bluetak them to my ears - parading around the house with my 'extravagant' jewelled earrings"

Who would you love to see wear your earrings? "I would love to see anyone who adores colour, wearing my earrings but seeing Zandra Rhodes, Iris Apfel or Jenny Kee wearing them would be pretty fab"

Jenna is based in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.