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Jenna O'Brien

Mary - Pastel Pink Queenies

Mary - Pastel Pink Queenies

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Queen Mary - it's getting closer!

Miss Mary, a little lady from Tasmania about to become Queen of Denmark - you go Girl!!

Mary is a handmade enamelled Queenie earring in a gorgeous pastel pink with multi coloured glass detailing. 

Mary may never have imagined a royal life but sometimes life has other plans for you and you just have to roll with it...

Wearing Mary will help you deal with any upcoming situations, whether that be leading a Country or meeting your Prince in a small town pub - you never know your luck with wearing the Mary Queenies!


Jenna O'Brien is a Melbourne based jeweller who handcrafts colourful and engaging pieces. Handmade enamelled earring with handmade sterling silver hooks.

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