Collection: Kitsu

Jessica Maree is the lady behind Kitsu, located in East Brunswick.                                  
"I started making jewellery for fun and then started a website and then people bought it" is the story of how Kitsu began. No special story behind the name, "I had a whole list of names that I liked but Kitsu just stuck"                                                
Jessica studied fashion design at RMIT and this was where Jessica became obsessed with statement earrings "and that obsession has never left me!"                  
Who would you love to see wear your earrings? - Nicolas Cage
Secret pleasure/fave dance song/karaoke song/favourite food/ - Nicolas Cage/Anything by Fleetwood Mac/Baby Bash - Suga Suga/Anything with cheeeeeeeessse
Something fun that people might not know - I really like Nicolas Cage!                        
Check out the Kitsu range and have a think about which pair Nicolas Cage might look good in....