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Meg Watson

Full Moon Earrings - Silver

Full Moon Earrings - Silver

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The perfect everyday earrings that you will never throw away.

Feel instantly beautiful and refined with the touch of silver. These are the perfect pair of earrings to wear when you don’t want to wear big statement earrings, but want a little sparkle that completes the outfit and makes you feel elevated.

Each pair is handmade with the highest quality sterling silver so that your precious ears don’t get irritated and you can wear them all day, everyday. Sterling silver will last forever, so you can also feel good about buying something that is supporting slow fashion and isn’t going to end up as landfill at the end of a season when it breaks or rusts.  

Handmade by Meg Watson from the highest quality recycled sterling silver, these earrings are made to last. Purposed to be statement earrings, they are light-wearing for a confident all-day all-night feel.

Slight variances may exist between photo and item as these are handcrafted pieces and no two pieces are identical. 

The details:
Length 30mm  |   Width 13mm   |  Weight 1g each
Material - Australian sourced recycled sterling silver .925
Handmade by Meg Watson on the Sunshine Coast


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