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Sausage Roll and Pie Earrings

Sausage Roll and Pie Earrings

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Nothing says Aussie like Pies and Sausage Rolls!

Little pies and sausage rolls, handmade from polymer clay with beautiful attention to detail.

Choose from either mismatch earrings featuring

Mismatch - one tiny pie (with bite taken out and sauce on top) and one sausage roll

Matching Pie - Matching pies with bite taken out and sauce on top

Matching Sausage Rolls - Matching sausage rolls

Available in Studs or Dangles

The studs are a little over 1cm in size and made with surgical steel posts and clasps.

The dangles are larger, approx 2-3cm in size. The pie has a bite taken out and a sponge of sauce on top. Choose either matching dangles (sausage rolls or pies) or a mismatch pair with one of each. Silver plated earwires.

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