Collection: Saturday Lollipop

Saturday Lollipop started by accident! Ellie always loved miniatures (and food!) and began making food charms as a hobby. She soon had an abundance and tried a local design market and 10 years later, here we are!

Prior to Saturday Lollipop, Ellie was an export manager for an Aussie Muesli Company. Ellie is originally from the UK and met her Australian husband whilst travelling the US. 17 years later they are still enjoying their holiday romance but have a mortgage and 2 kids!

Ellie would love to see Mia Freedman wear her earrings as “she seems like such a warm and inspirational lady” but really Ellie gets a kick out of anyone wearing her earrings as “I think anyone who wears mini food jewellery has a fun side, so I love that”

Ellie is a foodie, of course!